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Abyss Technology

Abyss Technology is a leading manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) technology, ensuring longevity, safety and reliability. The exceptionally low electrical power need of LEDs avoid significant battery drainage. All Abyss lights are first-class products designed to be easy to install and compact, while providing high-efficiency output. Abyss’ S-800 and S-1515 LEDs are manufactured of marine grade bronze with impact resistant tempered glass. Carefully assembled and individually tested, S Series lights are guaranteed to be 100-percent waterproof. The S-800 features 12 LEDs and provides a wide angle of illumination up to 50-feet, while the S-1515 features 15 powerful LEDs that offer a remarkable 100-feet of illumination. Abyss Technology submarine lights are designed to be surface mounted without thru-hull holes, enabling a substantial saving on installation time. Abyss Technology, 954.772.2022,