Light Up My Life


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Imtra, a leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, is proud to announce their comprehensive line of innovative LED lighting solutions that offer plug-and-play compatibility with the industry’s top automated control systems (ACS). Designed for seamless integration, Imtra LEDs work within ACS and other multiplex vessel systems’ common electronics architecture for convenient access and operation from control and monitoring stations. When used with Imtra LEDs, boaters can control lighting power, levels and dimming throughout the boat from numerous locations. Imtra’s advanced PowerLEDs offer greater illumination, substantial power savings and lower operating temperatures than other fixtures, providing boaters with cooler cabins and a safe, eco-friendly lighting solution. For more information on Imtra’s complete range of PowerLED and LED lights, be sure to visit their extensive website. Imtra, 508.995.7000, www.imtra.com