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High intensity LED strip lights

Available in 40, 20, 10 and 5-inch lengths to suit any and all of your needs, Seamaster’s high intensity LED strip lights are the perfect accent to increase your on-the-water appeal. Whether you want to set the mood on deck or create much needed light in bilge compartments, fishboxes, an engine room or under the gunnel, you can mount one or one hundred from a single 12-volt power source. Available in white, green, blue, red and purple these strip lights require a very low 1/5 amp draw per light so you never have to worry about draining a battery. Equipped with an exclusive 22-gauge tinned marine-grade wire and shielded by two layers of PVC, Seamaster’s strip lights are totally shockproof and also waterproof to IP68 standards. With a 70,000-hour lifespan per strip, you can guarantee continued use for years on end. Seamaster Lights, 877.SEA.8488,