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12V portable light

From the premier manufacturers of durable and innovative underwater lighting systems comes the newest essential. Deep Glow’s latest release is a 12V portable light that will greatly increase your on the water appeal. Perfect for all of your nighttime fishing needs, this portable illumination is equally suitable for dockside entertainment. The light is designed for both vertical floating and sinking to eliminate loss of light transmission. Made to withstand the rigors of the demanding saltwater environment the 12V 3-sided LED (240 LEDs total) is capable of withstanding a 50,000-hour life span, providing years of enjoyment. From snook to swordfish you can’t go wrong and with a MSRP of $249.00 it won’t break the bank. Available in bright green or clear versions with a standard power cord length of 30-feet (with custom lengths up to 100-feet available) this is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fishing under the cover of darkness. Deep Glow, 888.871.3334,