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Liquid Armour Protective Coatings Announces: Never Wax Your Boat Again!

HAMPSTEAD, NC – Premium Ceramic Nano Coating Manufacture Liquid Armour Protective Coatings is making hours of boat maintenance a thing of the past! SGS Certified, Winner of two SEMA awards for 2018 including the Global Media Award and Featured on Discovery Channels Velocity TV, MAV and REVEN’ its easy to see why “wax” is old technology and “Ceramic Nano Coating” is the future.


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Liquid Armour offers affordable and easy DIY Nano Ceramic coating kits that will drastically change the way you maintain your boat. Once applied Liquid Armour 9H permanently bonds to your gel-coat, paint, metal and yes even your vinyl seats, forming an impenetrable Nano shield of protection against salt, rust, stains, black shoe marks, fish blood, acid rain, damaging UV and IR rays, and much more! Liquid Armour can also be applied by a certified installer and comes with up to a Lifetime Warranty. It will also permanently restore faded and dull gel-coats and plastics. Find out what the Pro Fisherman like Captain Rennie Clark think about Liquid Armour.

  • Permanent Ceramic 9H Protection
  • Easy DIY Wipe on Buff off application
  • No more waxing! – Ever!
  • SGS Multi-Surface Certified

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