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Littlehead Porgy

The littlehead porgy, Calamus proridens is an ocean-going species of game fish of the family, Sparidae. It is only found in the western portion of the tropical Atlantic Ocean where they are often caught and used as food. While maturing, littlehead porgies usually reach between 17 and 22 cm in length. Fully grown adults are commonly 37 cm, although they have been recorded to grow up to 46 cm. When compared to other members of their genus, they can be distinguished by having small scales, and relatively deep bodies with steep profiles. The molar-like teeth, that all porgies have are more similar to canines in this species. Littlehead porgies are generally silver in color, with violet spots on their scales that form stripes on their upper bodies. These stripes are then crossed by darker bars of color. The littlehead porgy has been described as one of the most brightly colored members of the porgy family, which contains well over 100 species.

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