Live Bait Lowdown Seminar

In this seminar, Captain Mike gives you the lowdown on when and where to find live bait like Gogs, Mullet, Pilchards and more. The Live Bait Lowdown seminar covers how to catch and keep Goggle Eye, Pulchard, Mackerel & more.

Captain Mike explores the following topics:

Where to Find Bait
– Fun in the sun: Daytime bait finds
– Under the stars: Nighttime bait finds

Seasonal Patterns of Bait
– Everything you need to know about the seasonal patterns and how it affects our South Florida baitfish.

Tackle Talk
– We will discuss Rod options for every wallet
– Let’s get down to the details on reel selections
– Dive down on Sabiki rigs. How to make a Sabiki rig that will catch lots of bait

Cast Net Selection
– Everything you need to know about buying the right net for your needs
– It’s all about radius
– Mesh sizes available in the market today

Best Bait Pens
– The pros and cons of Do it yourself bait pens and store-bought bait pens.

Captain Mike also shares exclusive secrets on Goggle Eyes and so much more.

This and every seminar is hosted at Chaos Fishing in Pompano Beach Florida in front of a live audience. To watch other seminars, click here.