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LIVETARGET Saltwater Lure introductions

Niagara-on-the-Lake, NY- LIVETARGET continues its delivery of innovative and industry leading products designed specifically for saltwater anglers with two new products: a Menhaden Swimbait addition to the existing saltwater Swimbait Series, and a Hollow Body Mullet topwater lure. This release summarizes these two models being announced.


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LIVETARGET’s Menhaden Swimbait adds a prolific and widespread baitfish forage type to the existing saltwater Swimbait Series that currently includes mullet, pinfish, and sardines.  Not only has LIVETARGET created the anatomy match exactly to the menhaden profile, but two distinct color variations have been designed: color #630 has the exact coloration of Gulf Menhaden, and color #605 has the anatomy colors of Atlantic Menhaden.  MSRP will range between $9.99 and $10.99 based upon model selected.

Saltwater Swimbait species models: Mullet, Pinfish, Sardine and NEW Menhaden
– Mullet: 4 ½” and 5 ½” sizes, two colors each size
– Pinfish: 3 ½” and 4” sizes, two colors each size
– Sardine: 3 ½” and 4 ½” sizes, two colors each size
– Menhaden: 3 ½” and 4 ½” sizes, two colors each size: “Gulf” color 630, “Atlantic” color 605

The Menhaden Swimbait will incorporate all the special “factory rigged” details built into all LIVETARGET swimbait lures:
– Factory-Rigged: internal weighting molded inside the lure body provides for a true-running lure every time
– Extra Wide-Gap Hook: matched for size and integrated into the body of the lure, creates a low profile hook to minimize snags
Dorsal Fin Shield: aligned with the hook point position to create a shield effect as a snag-resistant weedguard
Accessory Pin: designed into each model to allow anglers to add extra hooks or willow leaf spin blades for customization options
Natural Profile: body profile matches to each forage type, featuring a unique tail anatomy that produces the ideal profile illusion of a real baitfish
– Oscillator Tail: causes the tail to swing side-to-side.  Every Oscillator is strategically designed to generate a species specific life-like swimming action

The Hollow Body Mullet is taking the award winning design elements of LIVETARGET’s experience in creating hollow body lure designs for freshwater, and bringing that innovation to the saltwater angler.  Now saltwater anglers can cast a snag-resistant lure back into the deepest, darkest cover.  Novice anglers can be brave with casts, and seasoned anglers can skip and cast to places where even live bait is hard to utilize.  This topwater lure features a walking action, a super strong custom single hook, and balanced weighting for superior castability.  Be it mangroves, docks, pilings, grass lines or open water; the Hollow Body Mullet is going to be both fun and productive to fish.  Built in three sizes: 3 ¾” 3/8oz., 4 ½” ½oz., and 5 3/8” 5/8oz. each with three color patterns of Natural/Black #721, Natural Brown #723, and Silver #716.  MSRP will range between $13.49 and $14.49 based upon model selected.

Vic Cook, saltwater lure designer at LIVETARGET commented on the new saltwater additions: “The Swimbait Series has just been phenomenal in saltwater applications since our introduction.  Durability has been outstanding and reported catches include virtually all inshore species.  Adding a Menhaden pattern to the family is so appropriate because they often become a baitfish of choice for many species and menhaden are so prolific in many fisheries.  I personally spend a lot of time in Florida, and anglers and guides alike are going to respond to the new Hollow Body Mullet.  Guides can give customers a lure they can cast without fear of excessive hang-ups and skilled anglers have a lure that will reach back into the mangroves or under docks and pilings. This lure is going to be a winner.”

All products will become available to retailers in Q4 2017, and will be retail packaged as a single lure.