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Los Cabos Big Game Charter

Los Cabos, MEXICO (November 24, 2014) – The Free Angler Entry Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic, presented by the Los Cabos Tourism Board, registered 340 anglers from all over the world as the four-day event came to a close. Participants, including those from England, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico and twenty five states in the United States all fished on Los Cabos Charter Boats in hopes of winning some of the $40,000 in cash plus trophies and prizes.


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A total of 122 different charter boats from the East Cape, San Jose and Cabo San Lucas took advantage of a great bite, putting the anglers on some very impressive catches. The tournament received dozens of release photos including blue, black and striped marlin and sailfish. Several triple digit tuna hit the scales, along with quality wahoo and dorado. Many of the anglers experienced their first billfish release, catch of a lifetime or a tournament-placing fish. The tournament awarded $10,000 a day each of the four fishing days, with 34 different anglers sharing the $40,000 in purse, plus King Salifish Mounts trophies. Four Top Lady Angler’s also received trophies and prizes.

Catching, photographing and releasing billfish is an amazing experience whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. Anglers in the Charter Classic enjoyed a great marlin bite with dozens of releases occurring during the event.

Anglers emailing their release photos by Monday Nov 24^th will receive a King Sailfish Mounts Release Certificate and be eligible to win amazing prizes through a random drawing to be held on November 25. The tournament has many of the best companies in the industry supporting the event, including the Los Cabos Tourism Board, Costa Sunglasses, Solmar Sportfishing, King Sailfish Mounts, Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, Transcabo, IWS Scales, Playa Grande Resort, Pisces Sportfishing, Yeti Coolers, Silverado’s Sportfishing, , AFTCO, Minerva’s Sportfishing, Steve Goione Marine Artist, RedRum Sportfishing, Marlin Magazine, IGY Marina, Sport Fishing Magazine, Puerto San Lucas Marina and Salt Water Sportsman magazine.

The 2014 Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic Final Results:

November 18, 2014
1st-Ron Kehoe from Valley Stream, NY fishing on Minerva V 123.8-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Bob McKee from Ripley Derby’s, England on Andrea 66.2-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Mike Rosi from Lower Lake, CA fishing on Santi I 43.7-pounds $677.77 Weighed in Cabo

1st-Jim Hall, Los Barilles, MX on Dottie B 31.05-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in San Jose
2nd Sandy Hall, Los Barilles, MX on Dottie B 23.5-pounds $877.78 Weighed in San Jose
3rd-Madeline Del-Rosario from Chula Vista, CA on Tres Amigos 8.8-pounds $677.77 Weighed in Cabo

1st-Catherine Parker from Bakersfield, CO fishing on Tantrum 24.3-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Peter Gurd from London, England fishing on La Brisa 23.1-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Louis Sanislo from Beachwood, NJ fishing on The Blue Marlin 22.2-pounds $677.78 Weighed in Cabo

Top Lady Angler – Catherine Parker

November 19, 2014
1st-Tony Duffell from West Sussex, UK fishing on Tracy Ann 201.10-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Andy Atkins from Oxted Surrey, UK fishing on Tracy Ann 116 -pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Mike Rosi from Lower Lake, CA fishing on Santi I 80.3-pounds $677.77 Weighed in Cabo

1st-Jeffrey Lewandowski from Delafield WI fishing on Doctor Pescado 35.3-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed Cabo
2nd –Brian Kehoe from Valley Stream NY fishing on Minerva V 31.8-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cao
3rd-Erick Durante from San Isidro MX fishing on Gaviota 31-pounds $677.77 Weighed in San Jose

1st-Jerry Parker from Bakersfield CA fishing on Tantrum 24.6-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Nathan Bailey from Shiloh OH fishing on Reel Rum 20.7-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Connie Owens from Camarillo CA fishing on Ole Ole 20.2-pounds $677.78 Weighed in Cabo

Top Lady Angler – Connie Owens

November 20, 2014
1st-Joseph Arroyo from Lancaster, CA fishing on Kyka 234.50-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in San Jose
2nd-Brook Livingston from Pickerington, OH fishing on 19’sToy 117.20-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Andrew Sale from Surrey England fishing on La Brisa 82.8-pounds $677.77 Weighed in Cabo

1st-Greg Warren from Wilson, TX fishing on Cabo Playa 43.50-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed San Jose
2nd –Brian Adam from BC Canada fishing on La Leona II 36.00-pounds $877.78 Weighed in San Jose
3rd-Greg Trefethen from Los Barilles, MX fishing on Tio Juan 29.00-pounds $677.77 Weighed in East Cape

1st-Ernie Sandoval from Chula Vista, CA fishing on Cabolero 26.50-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Michelle Schoning from Corvallis, OR fishing on Blue Sky 18.70-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Timothy Beck Jr. from Evansville, IN fishing on Bucanero 18.70-pounds $677.78 Weighed in Cabo

Top Lady Angler – Michelle Schoning

November 21, 2014
1st-Brett Dick from Scappoose, OR fishing on Fin-Addict 108.9-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Larry Bruce from Gresham, OR fishing on Fin-Addict 106.8-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Larry Bruce from Gresham, OR fishing on Fin-Addict 103.9-pounds $677.77 Weighed in Cabo

1st- Erick Estevez Durante from San Isidro, MX fishing on Gaviota 32.50-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed San Jose
2nd –Kevin Watkins from Jackson, WY fishing on Ju-Kake 32-pounds $877.78 Weighed in East Cape
3rd Tied-Kim Warren from Wilson, TX fishing on Cabo Playa 21-pounds $338.88 Weighed in San Jose
3rdTied-Ronald Short from Carpinteria, CA fishing on Killer II 21-pounds 338.88 Weighed in San Jose

1st-Gerald Cole Jr. from Aberdeen, WA fishing on Tantrum 20.4-pounds $1,777.78 Weighed in Cabo
2nd-Melvin Schulze from Newcastle, CA fishing on Cheers 19.3-pounds $877.78 Weighed in Cabo
3rd-Mark Chiavetta from San Jose, CA fishing on Bill Collector 19.20-pounds $677.78 Weighed in Cabo

Top Lady Angler – Amanda Collins from Wolfforth, TX fishing on Guerita II 58.9-pound tuna

Top Performing Charter Boats:

Fin-Addict – $3,333.34
Minerva V – $2,655.56
Tracy Ann-$2,655.56
Dottie B- $2,655.56
Gaviota – $2,455.55
Cabo Playa- $2,116.66
Dr. Pescado – $1,777.78
Cabolero – $1,777.78
Kyka – $1,777.78
La Brisa- $1,555.55
Santi I- $1,355.55
Reel Rum –$877.77
La Leona II -$877.78
Blue Sky -$877.78
Cheers -$877.78
Bill Collector-$677.78
Tres Amigos-$677.78
The Blue Marlin – $677.77
Ole Ole-$677.77
Tio Juan-$677.77
Killer II-338.87

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