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AIS Identifier

Whiffle Tech’s AIS Identifier is the world’s lowest cost AIS vessel tracking solution. It’s a self-contained waterproof unit designed specifically to enable the tracking of a large number of vessels for those not equipped with Class A or Class B Transponders. Specially developed VHF and GPS antennas are fully integrated within its rugged IPx7 case, enabling simple installation and use, as well as optimized performance. Intelligent AIS transceiver technology ensures full compliance with AIS CS and SO network protocols. Best of all, the AIS Identifier from WhiffleTech costs less than $500. It comes with a charger and rechargeable battery, but can also be hard wired for 12 to 24V DC power. With a 50 mile range and a handful of useful features, this highly adaptable tracking device also comes with a two-year warranty. WhiffleTech,