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Make Old Fiberglass Shine Like New with Poli Glow

Fort Pierce, FL– It’s that time of year again…spring cleaning for your boat.  Why not make it shine like new, as if it just rolled out of the showroom, in just a few hours?  The solution is simple enough!  Poli Glow is a unique and proven concept in boat polish!  It is not a wax but a water-based polymer that is easily applied by simply wiping on, no rubbing or buffing. It will not wash off with soap and water and will last for up to a year in the Florida sun.  Poli Glow’s distinctive mixture contains more UV inhibitors than other ingredient and far more than any other product currently on the market.


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Remove wax build up and fiberglass oxidation with Poli Prep.  It is important the surface be cleaned, dull and uniform in color before applying Poli Glow.  If you have heavy oxidation or a darker colored surface we recommend using Poli Ox along with the Poli Prep.  Once the boat is dry, work in a small 4-6-foot section with the Mitt Applicator provided in the kit.  Apply in one direction either side to side or top to bottom.  It is especially important to apply a minimum of 4-6 coats of Poli Glow and after 6 coats you will not see a difference.  Each coat takes between 1-2 minutes to dry.  Poli Glow can be used on aluminum and goes right over decals and vinyl graphics.  For non-skid surfaces we recommend using our Poli Grit Kit, as Poli Glow can be slippery when it becomes wet.  As we mentioned, Poli Glow lasts about a year in the Florida sun and we do recommend a maintenance coat after that time.  Make sure the surface is clean using a mild soap and water and reapply a few coats to the surface. Never wax again!

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