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Six-arm collapsible dredges

Every experienced angler will tell you that dredges are an effective way to attract game fish. Strike Point™ Tackle’s six-arm collapsible dredges feature a patent-pending all-in-one twist and lock center. Eliminating screws, pins, and wrenches, this is the simplest way to fish and store dredge teasers. Available in sizes ranging from 12″ to 36″, in titanium or stainless. Strike Point also offers a six-arm fixed center Value Bar, made from super spring stainless steel, available in 24″ (13 drops) and 36″ (19 drops). Visit their extensive website for a complete line of dredges, spreader bars and a wide variety of tackle for all types of fishing. Strike Point Tackle, 888.335.3368, www.strikepointtackle.com