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MareaGear Announces Motion Minnow

Fort Lauderdale, FL-  Not all swim baits are created equal. Most have unrealistic colors patterns and lack the lifelike actions of an authentic bait fish, so that’s why MareaGear decided to disrupt the saltwater swimbait market. Our mission is to design unique artificial lures resembling local forage species and push the creative boundaries to nature’s furthest extent.


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MareaGear is pleased to announce their newest addition to the product line, the motion minnow series of segmented saltwater lures. The Motion Minnow delivers a bait fish profile displaying wild undulating movements that drives predatory fish such as Tarpon, Cobia, Snook, and even Pelagics like Mahi Mahi to attack.

The Motion Minnow swim bait series by MareaGear is designed to mimic the exact undulation and frantic movements of coastal bait fish found throughout Florida and the tropics. Measuring in at a healthy 5.5″ and weighing just over 1 oz, this segmented swimbait’s freakishly accurate movements drive coastal predators to feed PERIOD.

Motion Minnow features:

  • Marea’s X-Dura protective finish
  • High quality black nickel hooks
  • Woven Dyneema for maximum strength and action
  • Bio-Driven colors &  baitfish patterns

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