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Marea Gear Mega Motion Minnow

The Mega Motion Minnow swim bait series was created from the demand of our loyal Motion Minnow customers requesting a bigger bait for monster size fish! Designed to mimic the exact undulation and frantic movements of nearly any bait fish found throughout Florida and the tropics, each lure features Bio-Driven patterns, 3-D eyes, Dyneema body, and realistic swimming action. The fall mullet migration is what inspired the team at Marea to develop a larger bait series, as at times big fish focus on feeding on big baits. We delivered.


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Measuring in at a candy bar size 9.5” and weighing just over 4.3 oz, this segmented swimbait’s freakishly accurate movements drive oversized predators like Monster Bull Mahi Mahi, Triple digit tarpon, tackle busting Cobia and many more to feed – PERIOD.

For Optimum results, simply cast and retrieve at a medium pace to achieve maximum action. Adjust your retrieval speed according to strength of tide or current. The Mega- Sized Motion Minnow can be trolled up to 8 knots offshore and will attract a variety of Pelagic predators including Blackin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish and many more…

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