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Greetings from Guatemala:

I am here with several groups of fly anglers, for my first Sailfish Schools of this upcoming season. Danny Cline is back fishing with me aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder for a few days. My clients, Bob Blair and Fern Elfson are back again for five days of fly fishing for Sailfish with Captain Jason Brice aboard Makaira. Also my good friend and world class fly angler Nick Smith and his captain Chip Shafer are staying at Casa Vieja Lodge while fly fishing aboard Nick’s Old Reliable.


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December 8, 2014: The weather was beautiful, choppy seas, water temperature of 82 – 83 degrees, we decided to go marlin fly fishing. We raised 6 sailfish, got two bites and missed both, the fish were acting lazy with poor bites, we raised two Blue Marlin which did not tease in for a bite, and a Stripped Marlin which lit up, ate my fly, swam around in a circle and the fly fell out of it’s mouth. Makaira caught three Sailfish on fly and I think that Old Reliable caught four sailfish. Fishing was generally slow for Guatemala.

December 9, 2014: Today we traveled a long way to the west looking for good water, we found it with lots of spinner dolphin and Tuna. I caught a 30-35 pound Yellowfin Tuna on fly and we put a few in the boat for food. We had the best “Tuna Cheeseburger” that I ever had for lunch. We raised two Sailfish, Danny got two bites and caught one sailfish on fly. Makaira caught one sailfish on fly while Old Reliable caught a couple. Another beautiful sunny day, fly fishing was slow, but will turn on tomorrow. I love my job, wish you were here. I still have availabilities for prime dates here at Casa Vieja Lodge, give em a call if you want to hit the prime season to catch Sailfish on Fly. More reports to follow fishing will improve today.

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