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Mirage TPS

From top of the line inshore boats to ocean-conquering offshore vessels, Mirage Sportfish likely has the perfect option for any angler. For budget conscious inshore enthusiasts, or those simply looking for a no-nonsense skiff, the all-new Mirage TPS offers the perfect blend of performance and fishability, with toughness and durability common to Mirage’s entire line of time-tested platforms.


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Suzuki DF30AL

Anglers who enjoy stalking spooky game fish in ultra shallow water understand the importance of a high-performance technical poling skiff. Without these modern marvels, it would be almost impossible to reach the remote shallows where game fish flourish and fishing pressure is virtually nonexistent..

Building boats with sophisticated composite construction techniques and thriving on innovation since 1971, Mirage’s newly splashed 17-footer features classic styling and new-age performance features that appeal to anglers who demand efficiency, control, and stealthy attributes for accessing and stalking game fish in the shallows. Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design, this high-performance skiff boldly meets these standards.

Weighing in at only 400 pounds, the TPS is one of the lightest skiffs on the market. With such minimal weight, several distinct advantages come into play that are sure to impress shallow water anglers plying fertile venues statewide. In fact, this skiff can float in water too shallow for most game fish.

A high degree of maneuverability gives operators the confidence they need when traversing navigable flats and bays throughout the state’s numerous inshore estuaries. Once the journey to the fishing grounds is complete, the benefits of having such a lightweight skiff continue to present themselves, as the boat easily floats in skinny water, while poling is effortless and tracking is consistent.

With a miniscule draft of only four inches, the TPS can silently get to some of the most remote shallows where game fish feed uninterrupted. Furthermore, towing with a full-size car or compact truck is also possible thanks to the lightweight design stemming from the company’s superior craftsmanship that starts with selection of the finest materials.

Though classified as a skiff, the TPS takes full advantage of its dimensions and is built with the same workmanship, durability and attention to detail common to Mirage’s entire line of boats. The TPS is a glowing example of Mirage Manufacturing’s decades of boatbuilding expertise, using a full range of advanced materials.

Unlike high-volume builders with an assembly line mentality, Mirage refuses to cut corners for the sake of expediency or an inflated bottom line. The hull and deck are fabricated with a non-woven biaxial aramid cloth called Innegra. In simpler terms, Innegra combines the strength of Kevlar with superior fracture resistance, and Mirage is one of few builders to use the material.

Mirage is a semi-custom builder, so every TPS can be tailored for different wants and needs. Some of the options available to potential owners are custom gelcoat colors, different non-skid and textured deck patterns, an array of poling platforms and casting decks, and motor options for both tiller and side-console steering.

While the TPS appears bare bones, high-end hinges, latches and pop-up cleats tell a different story. A mahogany side console and toe rails further enhance the classic styling of this expertly crafted platform that’s quite possibly the perfect blend of form and functionality. It’s a good time to be in a Mirage. Mirage Custom Boats,

– L.O.A. 17’10”
– Beam 5’3″
– Draft 4″
– Fuel Capacity 20 gal
– Weight 400 lb
– Max HP 30
– MSRP $16,590

*Model may be shown with optional features

Suzuki DF30AL

Although massive outboards featuring impressive horsepower ratings steal the spotlight these days, one can’t overlook the latest release of compact outboards from leading manufacturers. Suzuki’s next generation four-stroke DF30AL features a Lean Burn Control System that predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions and provides a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio. Additionally, a battery-less injection system, friction-reducing rocker arms and offset crankshaft give this outboard remarkable improvements in efficiency while maintaining excellent power and performance. MSRP: N/A,