Monster Meat Fish Seminar

In the Monster Meat Fish Seminar Capt Mike discusses the in’s and out’s of fishing for smoker kings and stud blackfin tuna. Focused on the upper echelon of these species, the topics discussed at this seminar include; tackle, techniques, and locations.

This jampacked seminar covers the following topics:

Tournament Winning Tips
– How to put points on the board

Best Rods & Reels in the market
– The pros and cons of conventional reels
– The pros and cons of spinning reels

Setting The Award-wining Spread
– The pros and cons of anchoring your vessel
– The pros and cons of drifting

Terminal Tackle Overview
– The lowdown on your line
– The importance of rigs selection
– Leaders for the ultimate fights
– Hooks selection for Monster Meat Fish
– Knots that will keep things tight

Chumming and Chunking
– Where to chum and where to chunk
– When these techniques should be deployed
– How to lure them in at the right moment

Fish Fighting Tactics
– Captain Mike’s secret Drag setting
– Gaffing techniques to secure your award- winning catch

The Monster Meat Fish Seminar was hosted at the Chaos Fishing store in Pompano Beach Florida. They are located at 4301 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida. To watch other seminars, click here.