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MyBoatingPro’s Barracuda Marine Grade Camera Mount

MyBoatingPro is proud to announce the release of our new flagship product, the Barracuda marine grade camera mount!  You can use it with a wide range of cameras, including action cameras like GoPro, DSLR, and camcorders. Universal to any sport fishing boat, the Barracuda comes in 4 different sizes to accommodate tubular boat railings from 0.5” to 2.5” in diameter.


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The Barracuda is 100% American made and features stainless steel and aluminum hardware. The mount body is made of glass filled nylon which is resistant to saltwater, extreme temperatures, and UV light exposure. The Barracuda’s design allows you to film from any angle or direction imaginable and each mount has the capability to attach 2 separate cameras at the same time. This allows you to film more of what is happening around you, so you’ll never miss an exciting moment of your fishing adventures!

You can attach the Barracuda to virtually any tubular structure on your boat, such as your T-Top, flybridge, or hand railing. The attachment points are almost limitless! The Barracuda is truly a marine grade camera mount and comes with a 100%, no questions asked return policy.

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About MyBoatingPro:

MyBoatingPro is a division of Bridger Manufacturing, an American company that manufactures action camera mounts for the Marine, Aviation, and Off-Road industries. All MyBoatingPro products are 100% American made with American labor. We have distribution in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia and have sold our products on every continent.

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