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Nautic Series 3 Marine Amplifiers Now Shipping

MB Quart has designed a new Marine amplifier line (to our successful NA series) to stand up to the toughest conditions on the water. Nautic Series 3 (known as NA3) Amplifiers are the upgrade to the NA Amplifier line, and they use conformal coated PC boards to protect against the elements.


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The Nautic Series 3 line offers 3 choices including a 5 channel amplifier to run a full system (with 4 full range channels) and a 5th channel to power the subwoofer as low as 1 ohm. The 5 channel amplifier includes a bass remote for fine tuning. Additionally, a full range, 6 channel amplifier can run several more sets of speakers around the vessel and a full range 4 channel amplifier to round out the line.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing for Maxxsonics USA said, “These amplifiers represent a huge leap forward for high-power marine amplifiers and are built on an all-new architecture that you’ll soon see in other MB Quart products. A 360° heat sink design ensures best in class thermal stability, while top mounted controls and modular connectors make install and setup a breeze.”

IPX Certified

The Nautic amplifiers are engineered to handle the harshest conditions of marine installations with both salt and fresh water.

Top Mounted Controls

The NA3 Series includes Sound Contouring, which includes features like bass controls, crossover functions, and gain adjustments among others which are conveniently located on top of the amplifier.

Every control is easily positioned on the amplifier and away from end panels where they might have been exposed to water and leakage from the boat. With the use of these modular connectors for audio, connections, power, ground, and turn-on circuits, everything is sealed at the amplifier.

360° Heat Sink Design

If you could look inside the amplifier, you would see that the amplifier PC board is floating and designed with components in a 360 degree layout. This gives the NA3 amplifiers best-in-class, thermal stability due to the fact that each output device (MOSFET) has ample aluminum heat sink area for cooling.


Nautic Series 3 Amplifiers are not automotive amplifiers, while they will work just fine in a car or truck, they are purpose built to very strict standards set forth for marine electronics by the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International, and NMMA.

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*Pricing, specifications and performance subject to improvement without notice


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