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New color options for Outboard-Mounted Stern Thrusters

Sideshift has introduced the world’s first Outboard-Mounted Stern-Thruster – an easy-to-install stern thruster solution that attaches directly to any outboard or sterndrive powered boat from singles to multiple engine setups.


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Color-Matched to Your Outboard Motor

All thruster models can now be color-matched to most outboard motors: Phantom Black, Pearl White and Yamaha Gray-Blue (see photos).

The Outboard-Mount Stern Thruster has been gaining lots of attention as a single-thruster solution, or a complement to an existing bow thruster with the available dual wireless joystick!

Universal Mounting on any Outboard or Sterndrive

The new OB Series Stern Thrusters from Sideshift are perfect for any boat up to 60′ in length. The thruster mounts to the cavitation plate of any outboard motor or I/O for easy in-water installation, and completely eliminates the mounting issues common to most outboard or sterndrive powered boats.  The unique mounting position creates zero drag as the unit rides above water when the boat is on plane. The extreme aft location of the thruster provides a strong pivot point advantage for immediate response in stressful docking situations. When seconds count, Sideshift delivers the performance you need.

No bulky tunnel is required, and the unique universal mounting system requires no holes below the waterline, eliminating the risk of leaks associated with all other types of thruster systems.


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At Sideshift we do one thing and we do it well: We take the stress out of docking your boat! Our revolutionary bow and stern thruster technology sets the standard for affordable, powerful, and easy-to-install thruster solutions for all types of boats, including monohull, pontoon, and houseboats.

Since introducing the industry’s first external bow thruster in 2001, thousands of customers in over forty countries have experienced the Sideshift difference.