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New Maritime Education Center Getting Underway in Port Tampa Bay

Tampa, Florida– Gulf Coast Maritime Academy, LLC. is proud to announce the grand opening of our
training facility within the Channelside District of Port Tampa Bay, Located at 1601 Sahlman Drive, Tampa, Fl. 33605.


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“Gulf Coast Maritime Academy, bringing a premier training facility to the port for new mariner training and continuing education is essential for the ongoing success of Port Tampa Bay. By offering the highest-quality training locally at affordable costs, GCMA will provide our port with the skilled workforce and maritime officers needed for continued growth and our community with access to new paths for employment opportunities for our youth. Additionally, GCMA will bring
mariners to Tampa for continuing maritime education and credentialing from around the U.S. and globally and will play a critical role in bringing Port Tampa Bay to the next level.” Captain John C. Timmel, Chief Executive Officer

As the demand for access to education for the maritime community continues to grow, Gulf Coast Maritime Academy
is in a unique position to provide the necessary and effective instruction of current maritime related training to meet
the requirements of rapid vessel evolvement and swiftly changing national and international regulations. All courses
are specifically designed to meet the needs of the current maritime environment and modern mariner so as to directly
and immediately impact their careers and job opportunities while preparing them for continuous growth in the future.

Courses are scheduled to begin in May at our Port Tampa Bay Facility. All courses are USCG approved and regulated by
the National Maritime Center. Courses for 2ndQuarter include:

  • OUPV
  • Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 Ton Near Coastal
  • Upgrade Master 100 Ton Near Coastal to 200 Ton Near Coastal
  • Commercial Assistance Towing
  • Auxiliary Sail
  • Able Seaman (All Ratings)
  • STCW Basic Training, Basic Training Refresher, and Basic Training Revalidation
  • Advanced Fire Fighting, Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher, Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation
  • Radar Observer Recertification

Additional courses for the 3rd Quarter will be released on our website once course development is completed and
approval from the National Maritime Center is received.

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