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New Patent Awarded to Aspiring South Florida Entrepreneur

West Palm Beach, FL – April 30th, 2014 – South Florida entrepreneur, Anthony Altieri, patented a “bottle converter top” for the stainless steel, Thermos Can Insulator (#2700). Enabling it to accommodate both cans and bottles; making it the only one of its kind and Chilling the Most Inc. the only place to get it.


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Unlike foam coozies or insulated plastic, these stainless steel insulators can retain the cold beverage temperature for hours. It works by removing the air between two walls of stainless steel to reduce heat and cold conduction. Recognizing that Thermos was on to something with their patented, “double-wall vacuum insulation” technology for the beverage can insulator, Altieri saw the need for a fitted top so the insulator could accommodate bottled beverages as well.

In 2007, Altieri, formerly a Citrix executive with a six-figure income, took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, and ventured out to take these amazing stainless steel Thermos products to market. He felt that Thermos was missing the lion’s share of the market by not providing a solution that would work for a bottle. He then hired a designer to customize a rubber and neoprene top to fit snug on the existing can insulator, allowing the Thermos cylinder to accommodate bottle beverages by insulating the neck of the bottle. At first, the neoprene, cone-shaped hoodie didn’t quite fit securely, but after much trial and error, and the endless pursuit of perfection, Altieri found the perfect fit and was awarded a patent in late 2013. Now the only one of its kind, the bottle/can insulator fits almost any bottled beverage and is exclusively distributed through

“When you leave a six-figure salary and a cushy job to embark on your own, it’s scary, but it was time for a change” Altieri said. “We bought a few hundred units at first with no idea whether they’d be popular…we sold out our first show!”

Since 2008, Chilling the Most Inc. has grown steadily and Altieri’s looking to develop an affiliate program to expand to new markets throughout the U.S. and will soon start shipping Internationally. Altieri only has one other employee, a part-timer who oversees the Ad Specialty Division for business to business sales; custom imprinting of your company logo on the products. Fulfillment services are outsourced through Seagull Industries for the Disabled. The Riviera Beach-based program works with developmentally-challenged adults, training them for the workforce and to become self-reliant.

Altieri sells the bottle/can insulator for $16.99 via the website although the demand for the product is typically driven through appearances at consumer events such as boat shows, bike rallies, RV, and air shows. Altieri demonstrates temperature retention using a timer and a cold bottled beverage. He believes the in-person experience is invaluable to differentiate the technology of the bottle insulators versus what he calls “foam blankets”, your average coozie. Website sales tend to spike after a show generated from word-of-mouth of impressed customers.

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