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New Simrad S-Band Radar Expands Argus Portfolio

Egersund, Norway – A new IMO certified S-Band radar is available today, the Simrad Argus S-Band Radar. A high-performance radar, the Simrad Argus has a slim profile and is perfectly suited for vessels over 3,000 gross tons that require an S-Band radar (3 GHz) as part of their carriage requirements. With the addition of the Simrad Argus S-Band Radar, the brand is the only option for X-Band, S-Band and Broadband radar solutions.


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The new Simrad Argus S-Band is a long life, third generation ceramic magnetron 30 kW S-Band radar. With enhanced near range detection of 100 ARPA and 300 AIS targets, the system gives captains the situational awareness that safe and efficient commercial operations require. The pre-wired plug and play installation is simple with a direct coupling between the transceiver, the rotary joint and the antenna, effectively minimizing RF loss between the transceiver and antenna and increasing overall performance. Like the Simard Argus X-Band, the interface with the Argus S-Band console uses a single-ended connector cable that allows radar controlling and tuning remotely from the radar display without having to open the radar case, further aiding usability.

“The Simrad Argus S-Band is the most advanced radar system available,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico. “Adding to our unparalleled X-Band and Broadband systems, we continue our innovation of products for the professional mariner and are the first manufacturer able to offer a radar solution to fit any captain’s needs.”

The Simrad Argus S-Band’s solid-state components have a low noise amplifier for a reduced overall noise figure. The radar also includes a masthead transceiver with performance monitor, antenna and core unit with interswitch capabilities, and the ability to accommodate up to four S-Band or X-Band transceivers. The Simrad Argus S-Band shares the majority of the modular components with the X-Band models, such as widescreen monitors, keyboard, processor boxes and radar cables, reducing the overall amount of spares that need to be kept onboard. It includes a 2-year limited warranty and is backed by the Advantage Service program.

The Simrad Argus S-Band Radar is currently available from authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada. For more information on the Simrad Argus S-Band or the brand’s entire line of professional marine electronics, please contact 800-324-1356 (toll-free) in the USA or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada or visit

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