New Widescreen Multifunction Display


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C-Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays

Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics, introduces its new line of C-Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays. These new displays expand the power of multifunction navigation with larger, higher resolution displays, increased performance, expanded networking and video integration. Widescreen technology offers more viewing area and larger split window configurations, enabling boaters to view more navigation data, increasing situational awareness while navigating open waters. The C-Series Widescreen line is available in three sizes of sunlight viewable color displays: the 9″ C90W, the 12″ C120W, and the 14″ C140W. Perfect for center-consoles and sportfish cruisers, the C-Series Widescreen features theater-like widescreen display enabling captains to view more navigation data, such as charting, radar, fish finder, weather and video, simultaneously on a single display without compromising usability. In addition, the highly customizable C-Series Widescreen user interface lets captains split the screen in multiple window combinations. The C-Series Widescreen features a highly sensitive GPS sensor built into the display housing, eliminating the need for an external GPS in most installations. In addition, the widescreen displays are pre-loaded with Navionics coastal charts. Finally, Raymarine’s proven multifunction navigation interface offers intuitive soft keys for frequently used navigation functions, and the new UniControl™ combined cursor and rotary control simplifies menu operation and feature selections. Raymarine, 603.881.5200,