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Fort Mill, South Carolina. Ocean Outpost, a saltwater fishing lifestyle apparel company, has released its Fall Catalog at Fall Catalog. The online catalog features all of the Ocean Outpost gear, as well as a stories and photos of the Ocean Outpost Crew’s summer adventures.


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With the catalog, Ocean Outpost also announces its easiest way to shop online, a quick and painless shopping experience where gear can be purchased directly from the catalog. Just click the link in the catalog and buy gear without accessing the website so there is no shopping cart, no checkout, and no hassle. John Flanagan, owner and longtime fisherman says We know that ordering products on line can be a pain at times, so we came up with a way of shopping that doesn’t involve going to the website, it’s a quick and simple method of shopping that really saves time. This will be especially convenient for shoppers during the holiday season.

Ocean Outpost products include performance shirts with sun protective, moisture wicking and stain release technologies, cotton shirts, hats, and other saltwater fishing related gear. Shirts are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Distribution is through the interactive website, or directly from the online catalog Fall Catalog.