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Ocean Yachts Introduce Makaira 64

Ocean Yachts will attend the 55th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to launch their new model, the Makaira 64. The innovative Makaira line of sport fishing vessels promises to impress with its high performance capabilities, elegance, and semi-custom features.


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The launch of the Makaira 64 represents an incredibly exciting time for Ocean Yachts, as well as boat owners and industry professionals. This yacht’s innovative design is the culmination of years of hard work and excitement towards creating a new line of yachts. That excitement will reach its zenith on October 30th when the 64 is launched at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The name Makaira is the species name for marlin, and the 64 exhibits the same abilities as its namesake in terms of speed and grace as it moves through the water. This line has been designed to perform in big open water. The innovation that is on display throughout her design is something that must be seen and experienced.

The 55th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show gives dedicated and appreciating consumers and industry professionals an opportunity to experience this yacht. The show begins on Thursday October 30th and will end on Monday November 3rd. More details on the boat show can be found here.

Ocean Yachts has been building premium high-performance sport-fishing yachts in the 35′ to 73′ class since Jack Leek launched the brand in 1977; But the brand’s history goes back much further than that. The Leek family has been building boats since 1721. Ocean Yachts are valued by thousands of owners — running in all the world’s great seas — for their unbeatable combination of performance, speed, power, luxury, styling and durability. Boats that appeal to serious sportfishermen and devoted pleasure cruisers, alike.

For a closer look at the 64, tours are available but limited. Contact us to reserve a tour. For more information on the Makaira 64 please visit

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