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OceanLED selected as Preferred Underwater Lighting Supplier by BBI

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 5 November 2014 –* OceanLED USA, LLC, the world’s leader in LED lighting technology for the marine industry, has recently been selected as the preferred supplier for underwater LED lighting and accessories

International Boat Builders, Inc. (IBBI), a discerning cooperative of independent boat builders with over 20 members in the United States and Canada, will have direct access to OceanLED’s full line of underwater LED lighting during the three year agreement. Cumulatively, IBBI manufacturers sell more boats in the United States than any other entity. “For the past three years, OceanLED has been IBBI’s preferred underwater LED light supplier. We’re thrilled to welcome them back as their superior quality, service and innovative products will certainly benefit IBBI members,” said Tom Broy, President of IBBI. “As well as give consumers what they want – cutting-edge underwater light products. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

We are honored to be awarded this distinction by IBBI,” said Nicole Squartino, Marketing Director of OceanLED. “We appreciate IBBI and its members recognizing the quality of our products and dedicated customer service provided. This partnership allows us to offer high quality underwater LED lighting and solutions at the lowest possible cost for all styles of boats.

About IBBI

International Boat Builders, Inc. (IBBI) was formed as a marine purchasing cooperative in 1989 by a group of independent, recreational boat builders. IBBI has maintained strict standards for membership, and today, has 21, highly regarded shareholders, each recognized in the industry for their top-quality boats, their integrity, and their financial stability. As a cooperative, the IBBI operates on a service-at-cost basis with all of the profits being returned to their members in proportion to their participation in the IBBI programs. For more information about IBBI, visit

About OceanLED

Since 2005, OceanLED USA, LLC oceanled.comhas offered more than just technologically advanced underwater LED marine lighting. We’ve also backed each series with unparalleled quality and superior customer service Peter Miller. OceanLED’s 3-Star LED Binning Promise ensures high-grade LED’s are selected, essential for the quality and consistency on which OceanLED prides itself, and the consumer expects. We are committed to utilizing the very latest optical methods to achieve the highest Lumen Per Watt efficacy ratings on all products. OceanLED lights are built with an Active Thermal Control (ATC) continuous monitoring system to prevent overheating, thus improving LED performance and lumen maintenance. In the event the fixture becomes overheated, the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely. Combining optical precision with Grade-A electrical components ensures maximum life cycles, minimal heat exposure, and flicker free operation and dimming. In 2004, OceanLED patented the use of optical collimators with LEDs for underwater applications to magnify the light produced by the LEDs using Total Internal Reflection (T.I.R.). OceanLED operates a state-of-the-art production facility in the United Kingdom and the corporate headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


For more information about Ocean LED Marine Ltd call +44 (0) 1455 637505, or to learn more about OceanLED’s world-renown underwater LED lighting, visit Keep up with OceanLED via our social media networks: Twitter @OceanLEDMarine and Facebook OceanLED

Don DeMott
US General Manager

Nicole Squartino
Marketing Director