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OceanLED USA to Exhibit at Fort Lauderdale International


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Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 14 October 2014 – OceanLED USA, LLC, the world’s leading brand of underwater LED lighting for the marine industry, will be showcasing superyacht and leisure marine luminaires in a brand-new trade show booth during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 30 – November 3, 2014.

The new booth design is intended to be welcoming, while providing inspiration and information about OceanLED’s full-line of products and cutting-edge technologies

, said Nicole Squartino, marketing director at OceanLED. “Our high-definition videos will play continuously on state-of-the art screens and tablets while our highly-skilled sales professionals provide hands-on demonstrations.” Product focus for both divisions this year is OceanLED’s Pro Series HD Gen2, providing extraordinary energy savings with game changing LED innovation, delivering exceptional control and hands-free color-change ability for

OceanLED’s Pro Series HD Gen2 lights are available in Thru-hull, ideal for transom mounting with minimal 1’ hole, and Xchangeable (XFM) Flush Mount, which can be exchanged from within the hull without hauling the boat. This series lights are offered in color-change, ultra-white, midnight blue and sea green LED’s with up to 10,000 fixture lumens and 60-degree beam providing widespread lighting while allowing simple solutions for creating expressive environments. The full-color models are equipped with OceanLED’s cutting-edge “Colours” technology, which features unlimited color-change; select any color variation, strobe selected color and flawless custom cycling between colors. “The Pro Series HD Gen2 lights have proven to be quite the attractant to fishermen, even in the day light hours,” said Joey Clawges of Sundance Marine. “Our own personal experience has shown that strobing and alternating white/blue patterns have produced increased activity while trolling as if to simulate a school of flying fish with their silver/blue colors.  An added perk with the HD lights is the ability to tie them into the stereo system on board and provide a real “wow factor” to those at the dock with alternating colors and programmable color changes.” The Pro Series HD Gen2 lights combine a variety of quality marine grade materials, such as AB2 aluminum bronze and OceanLED’s Tritonium™ coating allowing easy maintenance for annoying sea growth. The patented IP68 integrated precision optics, or collimators, feature maximized light direction. OceanLED’s optical collimator collects and distributes the light in the direction desired magnifying the LED light output. The smart and fault-sensing thermal fold-back protection and voltage drop shutdown protection ensure safety and product longevity. It’s durable, corrosion and impact resistant design needs minimal maintenance. OceanLED’s Pro Series HD Gen2 underwater LED lights are a great solution for new installations as well as retrofit applications.

Since 2005, OceanLED USA, LLC has offered more than just technologically advanced underwater LED marine lighting. We’ve also backed each series with unparalleled quality and superior customer service. “I can’t say enough about the staff at OceanLED, they have become friends with us over the years.” said Jason Packlain, Parts Manager at MarineMax Miami. “If there is a problem, without question they are available to assist to ensure the customer is well taken care of. It’s evident they stand behind there brand, from installation tips to helping you choose the right lights for your client, the team at OceanLED is there to help. ” OceanLED’s 3-Star LED Binning Promise ensures high-grade LED’s are selected, essential for the quality and consistency on which OceanLED prides itself, and the consumer expects. We are committed to utilizing the very latest optical methods to achieve the highest Lumen Per Watt efficacy ratings on all products. OceanLED lights are built with an Active Thermal Control (ATC) continuous monitoring system to prevent overheating, thus improving LED performance and lumen maintenance. In the event the fixture becomes overheated, the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely. Combining optical precision with Grade-A electrical components ensures maximum life cycles, minimal heat exposure, and flicker free operation and dimming. In 2004, OceanLED patented the use of optical collimators with LEDs for underwater applications to magnify the light produced by the LEDs using Total Internal Reflection (T.I.R.). OceanLED operates a state-of-the-art production facility in the United Kingdom and the corporate headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For more information about Ocean LED Marine Ltd call +44 (0) 1455 637505, or to learn more about OceanLED’s world-renown underwater LED lighting, visit Keep up with OceanLED via our social media networks: Twitter @OceanLEDMarine and Facebook OceanLED

Don DeMott
US General Manager

Nicole Squartino
Marketing Director