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OceanLED USA Superyacht Division Present New Sound and Light Technology at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 28 October 2014 – During this weeks Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, OceanLED USA, LLC will unveil it’s new state-of-the-art sound and light system that bounces with the tempo of music – controlled by a powerful, easy-to-use smartphone, or tablet, application. “Our highly-skilled sales professionals will provide live light-to-sound demonstrations at the OceanLED booth throughout each day,” said Nicole Squartino, marketing director at OceanLED. “I encourage everyone attending the show to come by for a sneak peek of the light extravaganza while learning about our cutting-edge product offerings.” The Superyacht Division will be displaying the V-1 HD, F-1 HD, L-1 HD and Allure 250 HD Series underwater LED luminaries. The HD, or High Definition, models are up to 500% brighter and more efficient further improving their eco-responsibility. The lights offer greater flexibility in the design while featuring dimming capabilities, panic-mode strobe feature, and OceanLED’s cutting-edge Colours Technology, which features unlimited color-change. OceanLED’s Superyacht technology offers builders, owners, Captains and shipyards a range of mounting options coupled with the best technology available in underwater lights on the market.


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OceanLED kick started the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, leading the industry with new technological innovations. “We provide a full range of mounting options with our bespoke cofferdams, appropriate for steel and aluminum hulls,” said William Banning, Superyacht Manager USA. “With our in-house engineering team, OceanLED provides each customer with specific recommendations for light fixture placement, suggested beam angles and hull locations in order to meet the exacting requirements of our Superyacht customers. This capability coupled with our industry leading Colours Technology, in either single color or full color change option, offers virtually unlimited color change. OceanLED has developed technology that provides a powerful, extremely bright and durable underwater light allowing elegant solutions for creating expressive environments.” The Superyacht series lights are equipped with a convenient dimming control, which is a popular feature for Captains who wish to tone down their underwater lights when entering harbors. It’s state-of-the-art panic mode feature raises the bar for Superyacht safety by providing custom technology integrated with the yachts onboard security systems, to deter or disorient unwanted intruders, or as a beacon to attract attention. The lights instantly switch from their solid static color to a rapid strobe of up to (3) flashes per second, enough to get anyone’s attention or dissuade trespassers.

The luminaire’s advanced Colours Technology provides a practical function of an underwater lighting system. With the advent of radical new yacht designs, modern building techniques, and twenty-first century technology, the ability to tailor the color of a yachts underwater lights to either suit the environment or the whim of a passenger is now possible. Controlled via DMX‐512 through the ships onboard systems, or through a dedicated hardwired system and then wirelessly operated via third party devices such as a smart-phone, Colours Technology allows you to set the mood, enhance an onboard theme or event, pulse to music, or preprogram scenes to change any time of day with up to 16 million different color options.

We have an exciting product line-up showcasing at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show,” says Don DeMott, General Manager at OceanLED. “2015 marks 10 years of excellence in technologically advance underwater LED lighting for OceanLED. We devoted the last decade becoming the world leader through extensive testing and research to enhance our customers boating lifestyle while providing more value and this will enable us to keep that position for many years to come.

About OceanLED USA, LLC – Since 2005, OceanLED USA, LLC has offered more than just technologically advanced underwater LED marine lighting. We’ve also backed each series with unparalleled quality and superior customer service. OceanLED’s 3-Star LED Binning Promise ensures high-grade LED’s are selected, essential for the quality and consistency on which OceanLED prides itself, and the consumer expects. We are committed to utilizing the very latest optical methods to achieve the highest Lumen Per Watt efficacy ratings on all products. OceanLED lights are built with an Active Thermal Control (ATC) continuous monitoring system to prevent overheating, thus improving LED performance and lumen maintenance. In the event the fixture becomes overheated, the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely. Combining optical precision with Grade-A electrical components ensures maximum life cycles, minimal heat exposure, and flicker free operation and dimming. In 2004, OceanLED patented the use of optical collimators with LEDs for underwater applications to magnify the light produced by the LEDs using Total Internal Reflection (T.I.R.). OceanLED operates a state-of-the-art production facility in the United Kingdom and the corporate headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Make your way to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show beginning Thursday, October 30th and ending on Monday, November 3rd. The doors open at 10am. If you are planning to attend, make OceanLED’s booth your first stop, Booth 607 and 608 in the Superyacht Builders’ and Designers’ tent. For more information and examples of Superyacht underwater lighting watch our new “How to Light a Superyacht” video on our website: How to Light a Superyacht


For more information about Ocean LED Marine Ltd call +44 (0) 1455 637505, or to learn more about OceanLED’s world-renown underwater LED lighting, visit Keep up with OceanLED via our social media networks: Twitter @OceanLEDMarine and Facebook OceanLED

Don DeMott
US General Manager

Nicole Squartino
Marketing Director