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Sunday Paul and Garrett Santini joined me for a day’s fishing on the Indian River Lagoon. I somehow got the idea they were fly fishers. They were not. Thank God I brought a spin rod backup. Garrett, who attends Lehigh University, had once had a fly fishing lesson. I augmented it enough that he could fish with the fly rod while dad used the spinner. We missed a few strikes but it was tough fishing, windy, cloudy, and dodging rain. Paul got a single redfish with a RipTide weedless jig/DOA CAL jerkbait combination at the end of the trip and that was it for the day.


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Tuesday Capt. Bruce Eaton again joined me for some IRL fishing, this time with his son Val. Last week I wrote the Capt. Bruce flew a 737. CORRECTION- he flies a 747. We had continuous clouds and wind and basically it was impossible to sight fish. Bruce did not get a shot. Val, using a spin rod and the same RipTide weedless jig/DOA CAL jerkbait combination, got two redfish, smallish ones, and two trophy puffers. We wrapped it up around 1130.

Tuesday I took the kayak down the Econ for some last minute bass fishing. It was a decent bite, with bass, redbellies, stumpknockers, and especially gar. They seemed especially aggressive. The biggest bass I got was maybe two pounds, no big ones. The water was a little higher than last week, and a bit dirtier, too.

Wednesday morning Susan and I caught a 737 out of OIA and spent most of the day travelling. On Thursday we went to a musem where I took this photo. The first person who can tell me the artist and/or the town gets a copy of Flyrodding Florida Salt.

We did some very non-fishy things on Friday and are travelling again on Saturday and Sunday.

And that is this week’s Outta Town Orlando Fishing Report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short – Go Fishing!

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