Fishing Reports


Yes, we fished around this week, had some great fishing, and some ill luck in other ways.


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Photo: John Kumiski

On Monday Mr. Eric Israel and his friend Justin joined me for some fly fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon. There was a small craft advisory. The lagoon surface looked like a washing machine, not exactly a great fly fishing day.

We did not see many fish. We did find a few tailers, though, and Eric managed to catch one on a slider. It was the only bite we got.

Tuesday I gave a fly casting lesson, and then sold the Maverick. I couldn’t sell the Mitzi so I sold the Maverick instead. Not what I wanted to do, but there you go. I can’t keep two boats that do essentially the same thing. So the Mitzi is no longer for sale.

Wednesday I joined Tom Van Horn and Danny Mello for some ocean fishing. It started off really slow. We had to go all the way to Patrick AFB just to catch some menhaden. Then we went on a major search mission, which turned up exactly one undersized tripletail. We gave a few half-hearted casts at it and gave up.

It’s reptile mating season. We saw some large turtles doing the nasty out in the ocean. How does the she-turtle breathe? I guess they have big lungs.

Tom spotted some commercial kingfishermen. We went out and joined them and got two nice kings by slow trolling. Then a cobia came swimming by. Danny got that, too.

In the afternoon it was manta ray city. We found 10 or 12 rays. Not all had fish on them but enough did that our day became borderline epic, with a half dozen cobes to about 50 pounds boated. Fantastic.

Thursday morning all I wanted to do was go bass fishing. Could I go? No! I had a flat tire. After jacking up the car I could not get the wheel off. I pulled out the rivet that caused the flat and patched the tire while it was still on the car, pumped it full of air, put the lugs back on, and dropped the car back down. It seemed to work, so then I went fishing.

I seem to have hurt my back during the tire wrestling, though.

I just went to the Econlockhatchee for some close-to-home kayak fishing. While it did not help my back, the fishing was good. I got about 20 bass to three pounds, and a sunfish slam (bluegills, redbellies, stumpknockers). I had a blast, with all fish caught on gurglers or poppers. I still don’t understand what a three inch long stumpknocker is thinking when it hits a gurgler tied on a #2 hook but I guess you have to give them credit for trying.

It’s reptile mating season, and Godzilla is there along the Econ. Flushed two monsters off the bank. Have to assume it was gator love.

I could not lift the kayak to get it back to the car, and had to drag it up there. I barely was able to load it on the roof. Once home I just climbed into bed.

Friday morning I could barely walk, so instead of going fishing I went to the chiropractor. He did not fix the problem.

And that is this week’s Orlando Area fishing report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski