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A Fairly Boring Orlando Pond Fishing Report (April 23)

Fishing with Spotted Tail Charters: One charter this week, combined with high, dirty water, did not make me want to go to the lagoon. Howling east winds all week prevented me from visiting the ocean. Most of my fishing was in retention ponds. So it’s a fairly boring Orlando Pond Fishing report.


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Photo: © John Kumiski 2016

Sunday morning found me at a new (for me) retention pond. I tried the black matuka streamer first and got a dink bass, then nothing. I switched to a popping bug and got three more dink bass. All this in about an hour of Orlando Pond Fishing.

I checked out a three other ponds. One was almost inaccessible, the other apparently fishless. The third produced five fish in about 45 minutes, all on a Z-Man worm. They were all decent fish, with one striving to be something more…

Monday I was at the auto mechanic’s all day so no Orlando Pond Fishing for me. Got quite a few flies tied.

Tuesday found me scouting the St. Johns and the Econ. Nothing was happenning in the St. Johns, and in four hours on the Econ I got two redbellies. Talk about slow fishing! Word on the street was that the bass were schooling at daybreak.

Wednesday found Dick Dolloff and Chris Jones in the Mitzi with me, at daybreak, on the St. Johns. The bass were in fact schooling, chasing minnows. We did not have their number, getting only two or three bites and boating exactly one small bass.

At 830 we pulled the boat and drove to the Mosquito Lagoon. If you check the gauge you’ll see the water has been rising steadily for about a week. It’s still dirty. So places where I could see the bottom last week are now featureless because you can’t see the bottom any more.

Chris got a slot red on a sparkle crab, casting blindly. Dick managed to see one and worked it for almost 15 minutes before the fish finally took. He said it was the single most difficult fish to get a bite from in his life. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of either fish. And that was it for the day.

Thursday I got this idea that if I were going to fish retention ponds, some black Culprit worms should be in my repertoire. So I went to get some. The store didn’t have any. The closest I could get was red shad for my Orlando Pond Fishing.

Friday and Saturday I fished eight or nine different ponds. The bass seemed to like the red shad worms quite a bit, although from some ponds I got nothing at all. The good ponds made up for the bad ones, though.

The search for ponds and the thrill of getting some nice fish out of unlikely-looking places is surprisingly enjoyable when Orlando Pond Fishing.

And that is the fairly boring Orlando Pond fishing report from the Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

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