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Outrigger Unlimited

The Outrigger Unlimited is a new spin on ‘riggers and will definitely help you improve your trolling spread. Now includes the rod holders.

Multiple Uses…
The Outrigger Unlimited is a flexible fishing tool that can perform multiple uses for offshore anglers. For smaller boats, the O/U is a relatively low cost, portable, easily stowable primary outrigger setup that will work great and offer newfound capabilities when trolling multiple baits without tangles. For larger vessels that already have outriggers onboard, the Outrigger Unlimited is an excellent secondary or back-up setup that can be used in conjunction with the primary outriggers, or as a portable emergency unit that can be deployed in minutes and stows neatly out of the way when not in use. The bottom line that no matter what size boat you have or will use this on, the Outrigger Unlimited will give you an additional 8-to-12 feet of outboard spread with your lure or baits and will do so with none of the liabilities of traditional outriggers or rodriggers.


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The Outrigger Unlimited is precision manufactured from non-corrosive aluminum alloy and all of the parts fit perfectly right out of the box. It is backed by a one-year limited guarantee and can be purchased directly from the Outrigger Unlimited website for $345.97, plus shipping. For more information, call 941-456-1071, or visit them at


Steve Cocalides
Outrigger Unlimited