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Pelican Ambush

Are you the type that enjoys breaking away and relaxing in a world of stealth and solitude? Interested in launching way off the beaten path and investigating fertile shallows miles from the nearest boat ramp? Combining the benefits of a SUP, kayak and poling skiff, Pelican Flats Boats is proud to introduce the Ambush. In recent years the term micro skiff has been tossed around rather liberally, but if any platform deserves this title it’s the impressively unique Ambush.


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Pelican Ambush

Unmatched in design and propulsion options, the Ambush can be paddled sitting down, standing up, or outfitted with a trolling motor or tiller engine. Quite possibly the perfect blend of functionality and form, this simple platform is a cost conscious way to get on the water and explore places you never knew existed. The ultimate option for NMZ adventures, the Ambush has several key features and benefits over all other paddle-powered options. While portable like the rest, the skiff’s yacht-like fit and finish work shows the dedication of the master craftsmen.

Designed with composite construction techniques utilized on much larger vessels, the Ambush features a self-bailing cockpit and dry storage hatch in the bow. While the Ambush appears bare bones, high-end hinges, latches and pop-up cleats tell a different story. Options are far and wide, with horizontal rod tube storage, poling platform, push pole holder, livewell and engine bracket with integrated rod holders only some of the available add-ons. Anglers across the country are learning that bigger isn’t necessarily better. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint while scouting out the most remote and promising shallows, many anglers are crossing over to ultra-light poling platforms. It’s about time you made the switch. Pelican Custom Flats Boats, 813.PELICAN,

Boat Specs

L.O.A 13′
Beam 36″
Draft 3″
Weight 125 lb.
Max Capacity 375 lb.
Max HP 6
MSRP (w/o power) $2,800*
*Model shown with optional features

Mercury 6 HP

An incredibly powerful yet portable package, Mercury’s 6 HP four-stroke makes getting on the water easier than ever before. Weighing only 55 pounds, this six-pack of ponies is the lightest engine in its class and incredibly easy to operate. While many pull starts are difficult and require force to turn over, Mercury developed a standard automatic cylinder decompression system that results in effortless starting. Proven four-stroke technology provides quiet and clean operation, while Mercury further expanded on this asset with a through-hub exhaust system. Furthermore, the design is ideal for small skiffs and features an integrated .3 gallon fuel tank with the option for a remote 3.2 gallon tank. Mercury Marine,

Engine Specs

HP at Prop 6
Cylinder Configuration 1
Displacement 7.5 ci
Gear Ratio 2.15:1
Weight 55 lb.
Shaft Length 15″/20″
Recommended Fuel 87 Octane
MSRP $1,740