Fishing Reports


Here’s a quick report for the area: We had one more cold front again about a week ago, but not as bad as the last one, but it was pretty chilly getting down into the 30’s. The trout bite in Escambia Bay is plentiful with big fish, but with this really cold weather, it’s best to work your baits SLOW! This week it warmed up and this warmer weather will help the bite be even better.


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Check out my new 240 LTS Triton

Try the Paul Brown or 17MR or 18MR made by MirrOlure; trust me, with these in your tackle box you can’t go wrong. If the fish don’t hit these, they’re not there. Bob Sikes Bridge is producing some sheepshead along with some nice slot reds, and so has 3-Mile Bridge. Pensacola Pass on the jetties is starting to show signs of life with a few sheepies being caught as well as some gray snappers.

March is not far off and I’m excited to get the new boat out on its first charter of 2014. My guess is it’s going to be on the flats this month then off to the sheepshead grounds in March .

If you want to fish on the latest and greatest fishing machine around, and hang out with a captain who is passionate about panhandle fishing year round, then give me a shout, and we’ll get you on board!

It’s going to be rocking good time in 2014 on the Mega-Bite!

Tight Lines…
Capt. John Rivers