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April brought some fun fishing with lots of big sheepshead and some big redfish in the pass. We had a little more rain than I would have liked this month, most of which happened last week and dirtied up the water pretty badly. It’s going to take a week or so of no rain to clear it totally up. Even though we had more rain than I like in a short period of time the fishing is still half way decent. We caught some sheepies and redfish in the bay over the past few days. I’m happy to say that the big Jacks have shown up along the beaches and they should be around for the next 5 – 6 weeks. Late April and May is the best time to catch Jack Crevalle along our shores; we also sight fish redfish along the beaches in April and May. Pompano are also being caught near the surf along the beaches; we catch them from a boat using the Power-Pole or use the iPilot to hold position in a depth of around 2 – 4ft to fish the deeper channels in near the surf.


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Photo: Capt. John Rivers

As May starts and the water clears I’ll be back on the flats in the upper bays. I would normally have already been on the flats this time of year in Escambia Bay but with the 9” –11” of rain we had last week, it put a damper on me heading up there to trout fish. There are some quality trout in the ICW and if you want to go after a few of those as well as some slot reds, we can still fish for them. I have a feeling that with all this rain some of these fish that are usually in the upper bay areas have moved to the ICW because of the salinity level. Trout can handle freshwater, but when it happens fast and they are going to spawn, they look for a more preferable salinity levels.

The flats fishing in the upper bays should kick off around Mother’s Day (May 11) and I’m excited to toss some top-water plugs for some big momma trout!

So, if you’re looking for some light tackle trout and redfish or want to fight the big jacks on the beach, then look no further; I think we can get you BOWEd UP!

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