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Muddy water fishing adventures in the panhandle is what we’ve had here the past few trips.


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Photo: Capt. John Rivers

If you haven’t heard or seen the news about our area, I’ll catch you up. Pensacola was hit with a rain event like no other on April 29th. We had 26.81” of rain and about a week and a half before that we had 8 -11” of rain depending upon the area of town. The day of the big storm I had 22” at my house. So in about two weeks we had close to 35-38” of rain, and we are still a bit soggy in places.

With an unprecedented amount of rainfall, I was very concerned on what it was going to do to my fishing spots. Some of my trips canceled that week of the storm, which I couldn’t blame them. I took off about 10 days due to cancellations, but now I’m back out on the water and I’m happy to report the bite is pretty good considering the muddy conditions.

The past few trips have been a lot of fun and surprisingly productive even though the water is still very murky from all the rain and we’ve had some nasty winds to deal with as well. I have fished a lot of spots in 1.5 –6 ft of water and I still can’t see the bottom, but that’s ok, because we’re catching fish. The cool thing about the dirty water is I can step up my leader and another thing is the reds are very dark. In other words, they change their color depending upon their environment, so since the water is crazy dark the reds have really gotten golden dark so they are really sharp looking. Because of the water conditions I had to change up my lure presentation to where I’m using more chartreuse and dark colors. With the weather and water conditions like they have been, it’s been a challenge to try to figure out what the fish want, but that’s part of the process, and I’m always up for new challenges.

If you think you are up for an awesome, yet maybe slightly muddy, fishing adventure, then pick up the phone, give me a ring, and we will get you out on the water.

Till the next time,
Here’s wishing you tight lines.
Capt. John Rivers