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Pensacola Big Reds

The past week has been outstanding for King Mackerel in Pensacola Bay. Live bait (Menhaden) is the bait of choice. While catching these Kings, we are also catching Jack Crevalle and Sharks. This style of fishing will last till around mid November and then we’ll be going after the bull reds that will start to show up right around November 1st -10th.


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Let’s talk about trout and reds on the flats. The inshore bite on the flats in October is typically a great month for inshore fishing, but it didn’t started out that way. Not too many captains will post reports saying the fishing was slow when it is, but honestly it’s been a very tough start to October. Even though it’s been a challenge these past couple weeks, we are still catching fish, but we really have to watch the tides, and pick the right conditions for the clients’ needs.

So what do I expect the last 10 days of the month? Better fishing. That’s because the tides are going to get better and we’ll be getting some much needed cold fronts, and that should kick off the fall fishing that we are more accustomed to by now. I will be fishing a bunch next week both morning and evening trips, and I’ll post some reports and hopefully I will have good news. If it’s not I’ll let you know. I feel that if the fishing is slow, let the client know what to expect so they have an informed decision whether to reschedule the trip or take their chances. This policy has always been my motto and I feel it’s the correct way to run a fishing business.

I have a top of the line 240 LTS Triton, new or practically new rods and reels, and some of the best tackle on the market. My Humminbird 999ci HD si is essential for finding the structure where the fish are congregating when we are out scouting around for that elusive trophy fish.

Lastly, lets talk about what’s to come in November. The big reds should start to make their way into the bays in a few weeks. As soon as we get a few major cold fronts, it will kick off the fall redfish run. I’m happy to announce that the bay is full of bait and when I say full, I’m not exaggerating. All the blood-minnows and Menhaden are pouring out of the upper bay estuaries.
With all the bait in the bay, it won’t be long before reds get here.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll post a new report near on Halloween.Till then, here’s wishing you bent rods and screaming drags.
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Capt. John Rivers