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Description: Color gray, dark or iridescent blue above, shading to silvery sides, in dark wates showing golden tints around breast; small permit have teeth on tongue (none on pompano); no scutes; dorsal fin insertion directly above that of the anal fin; 17 to 21 soft dorsal rays; 16 to 19 soft anal rays.

Similar Fish: Florida pompano, T. carolinus; the permit is deeper bodied; dorsal body profile forms angle at insertion of second dorsal fin; pompano rarely grow larger than 6 pounds; permit common to 40 pounds.

Where Found: Offshore on wrecks and debris, inshore on grass flats, sand flats, and in channels; most abundant in south Florida, with smaller specimens from every coastal county.

Size: Common to 25 pounds.

Remarks: Feeds mainly on bottom-dwelling crabs, shrimp, small clams, and small fish.