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Plano Continues to Push Innovation with EDGE

The EDGE line is a complete array of storage units that cater to all types of fishing disciplines and species. Built on the familiar Plano 3600 and 3700 Stowaway footprints, every feature of the EDGE line focuses on prolonging the life of tackle, increasing accessibility, reducing corrosion, and maximizing time on the water.


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The EDGE family consists of 10 new product SKUs. Four EDGE Series boxes are built for general storage in either standard, thin, or deep box configurations. Six EDGE boxes are designed specifically for custom storage solutions including terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade baits and jigs, and soft plastics.

All EDGE Series feature a Duraview™ crystal-clear lid and one-handed, easy-to-use latch that allows anglers to locate lures quickly and get to them fast. When closed, the Dri-Loc™ seal makes a water-tight barrier between the lid and the base. In addition, durable, steel-pin hinges and marry the lid to the EDGE’s base for long-lasting use. Plano’s new revolutionary Rustrictor™ infused bases prevent terminal tackle and expensive baits from corroding. Further corrosion defense comes from Water Wick™ – a water-absorbing, rechargeable, desiccant divider. In addition, all EDGE boxes feature an innovative labeling system on their lids to keep anglers organized.

The EDGE Terminal box has unique lift out boxes for weights, hooks, and other small terminal tackle. The three yellow internal boxes have a molded-in label and feature cushioned foam inserts to keep heavy weights from damaging or scuffing one another while in storage. Other clear-lid boxes provide ideal access for hooks, sinkers and other small tackle items. With ultimate customization in mind, anglers can move the smaller boxes and dividers around as they see fit. Although sleek in design, the EDGE Terminal box is built for maximum functionality. Anglers can quickly remove one or more of the internal boxes to keep frequently used items close at hand without having to access the larger EDGE Terminal box during a day on the water.


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The EDGE Jig and Blade Bait box is designed to hold up to 70 jigs or bladed baits. Its unique design features movable rows of silicone columns that grip the collar of any dressed jig or blade bait. This design keeps bucktail jigs and chatter baits in place without crushing the hair or kinking a skirt or trailer.

Plano’s EDGE Spinnerbait box’s base has a center spine designed to hang spinnerbaits vertically. This allows spinnerbaits to dry naturally, while not crushing their skirts or trailers. The box includes four adjustable dividers that can be removed or adjusted as needed to provide superior customization.

The EDGE Plastics/Bulk Utility box is a large storage container that includes two removable dividers and has two large side mounted handles. This box provides ideal storage for soft plastics and molded swim baits. Remove the dividers and the box could be used to store a first aid kit, tools or anything else that may be needed on the water.

The EDGE Crankbait boxes are available in two sizes. Both use silicone “fingers” to grip and protect expensive lures and crankbaits. The extra-large, EDGE Crankbait box is perfect for storing deep running, large-lipped crankbaits. Larger crankbaits are placed tail-first and nestle among the silicone fingers. The small EDGE Crankbait box is ideal for low-profile search baits and spy baits. Both boxes provide infinitely customizable storage solutions for just about any treble hooked baits. 

Product Features:

  • Dri-Loc™ – watertight seal
  • Rustrictor™ – rust prevention infused base
  • Duraview™ crystal-clear lid
  • One-Handed latch
  • Water Wick™ – water absorbing desiccant divider
  • Innovative labeling system
  • Ribbed lid and steel-pin hinges for durability

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