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PowerTech 6090SFM75 marine diesel engine

If you’re considering repowering your vessel, or you currently have a custom build in progress, check out the latest addition to John Deere’s legendary lineup. The PowerTech 6090SFM75 marine diesel engine has 9.0L of displacement and offers up to 373 kW (500 hp). The 6090SFM75 is a 6-cylinder, electronically controlled, turbocharged and air-to-seawater aftercooled marine engine with side or front service locations. Engine package size allows for easy installation without major modification to your vessel. With high torque at low-rated speeds, boaters can enjoy excellent vessel control and maneuvering. If you’re looking for a diesel engine with exceptional reliability, durability, fuel economy and performance look no further. John Deere, 309.765.8000,