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Powrtran Introduces New Trim Tab

The Trim Tab market is getting a new player.  Powrtran is pleased to introduce the Pro Tabs Trim Tab System.  “Trim tabs are designed to help the boat ride level in uneven waters or under uneven load and our tab was designed to do that better than any out there,” says Powrtran Marketing Director Steve Hiemenz.  The shape of the Pro Tab is what makes it so unique. “We incorporated unique angles in the front of the tab as well as the sides. The result is better water dispersion and a more rigid and durable tab.”


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Keeping with Powrtran’s electromechanical philosophy, the Pro Tab system utilizes specially designed and sealed electromechanical actuators available in both standard travel, and a compact version for tight mounting applications.

To control the position of the tabs, Powrtran is introducing an innovative 4-position joystick.  Pushing the joystick up will deploy both tabs downward. Push the joystick to the right and the right tab deploys down to push the right side of the boat up.  Push the joystick to the left and the left tab deploys. Push the joystick down and both tabs return to the fully-up position from wherever they were. No more looking at position indicators trying to figure out where your tabs are, know where they are!

Finally, Pro Tabs were designed with an easy-install mentality.  Rather than a rigid mount, the Pro Tabs use a ball-and-socket mount which is forgiving if the tabs are not mounted perfectly true.

The Pro Tab system was officially unveiled at the National Professional Anglers Association annual conference and should be available for sale in early February 2018.  “We are so incredibly excited to enter the market with a product built to succeed where our competitors fail. Get ready to Tame the Waves!”

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