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Premium Hitch Covers Releases New Outboard Hitch Cover

Miami, FL– Premium Hitch Covers is proud to join the boating community with the Outboard Hitch Cover. This one of a kind hitch cover solves all of the issues with every other design available on the market. The Outboard Hitch Cover was designed with the intent of giving the customer the eye catching qualities they desire as well as the functionality they need.  


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Carlos Enrique, founder of Premium Hitch Covers and inventor of the Outboard Hitch Cover stated, “Being a Miami, Florida native I’ve been around trailered boats my whole life. The hitch covers at every stop sign, red light and freeway all have the same problems, they need to be removed to hook up the trailer. I wanted to get a cover for my hitch ball but I didn’t want the hassle they came with.”

The design of the Outboard Hitch Cover erases the hassles. The two piece design allows the cover to be installed right over the hitch ball and when it’s time to hook up the trailer, the cowl portion simply flips over allowing full access to the ball. Instead of removing other hitch cover designs and finding a place to store them while the trailer is attached, the Outboard Hitch Cover’s appeal stays with you throughout the entire trip. While you are traveling the cover also has a built in, free spinning propeller that catches the wind and simulates a running engine.

It’s time to make that hitch shine again and give you one more reason to love hooking the trailer up, other than it’s the weekend. You can be one of the first to get the question, “Where did you get that?” by going to and getting your own Outboard Hitch Cover for only $39.99. When was anything that looked so good, that cheap?

About Premium Hitch Covers LLC.
Premium Hitch Covers LLC., is unique in its field in that it offers a product that has the potential to be varied in ways that will make it appealing to a wide range of end users. PHC is founded on a dedication to offer a practical alternative to the current commercially available hitch covers. PHC initial product offering will be the Outboard Hitch Cover. The OHC will serve to customize the hitch of a tow vehicle in an eye catching and appealing manner. It will conceal the hitch ball when not in use and prevent possible knee injuries due to accidental contact with a person’s knee. The OHC features a hitch ball cover hinged on a collar that is mounted on a two-piece base that has a built in free spinning propeller. When the tow vehicle is in motion, air traveling past the propeller blades will cause the propeller to spin simulating a running outboard engine.