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Nav-Tracker 2.0 with SmartKEY

With an increasing number of thefts on the water, it’s good to know that someone’s helping to protect our interests. Paradox Marine, a leader in state-of-the-art wireless security, satellite tracking and internet accessible control and surveillance systems, recently released an updated version of their award winning GPS tracking system. The Nav-Tracker 2.0 with SmartKEY sets a 500-meter geo-fence around your vessel. In the event the geo-fence is breached, as many as 10 designated recipients receive an email and/or text message displaying the vessel name, latitude, longitude, closest city, boat speed and heading. The SmartKEY also offers hands-free automatic arming and disarming. There are no buttons to push or keys to turn. When the SmartKEY is in range, the Nav-Tracker 2.0 is disarmed. When the SmartKEY is out of range for more than 60 seconds, the system will re-arm itself. Paradox Marine, 954.565.9898,