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Putting Life Back Into Fishermen’s Dead Bait

Introducing Zombait technology- specifically engineered to bring dead bait back to “life”. The Zombait lure is the co-creation of Rink Varian, a commercial Bluefin tuna fishermen from Maine who teamed up with two engineers, Matthew Borowski & Jessy Cusack, to design the Zombait lure from scratch.


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“I’ve been fishing for 35 years and have been looking for a product like this” says Varian, “I couldn’t find it anywhere, so we decided to make it ourselves.”

The Zombait lure allows fishermen everywhere to always use live bait and never have to settle for “dead” bait. The applications are endless — everything from bunkers for stripers, to drifting mackerel for tuna, to using on a kite rig with dead ballyhoo for billfish, and just about everything in between.

“The Zombait lure allows you to continue to use your favorite bait and method of fishing but provides the additional attractiveness of a swimming fish.” Says Varian.

Borowski, co-founder explains that the ability to use dead bait, and to make it look alive, will save fishermen time and money. “If you can get dead bait, you can now fish with it like live bait.” Borowski says, “That was our goal: finding a real solution to a problem identified by a lifelong fisherman that translates into many applications and uses.”

The Zombait lure is incredibly easy to use: simply insert into your favorite bait species, tether it to your line using steel braid or monoline, then hide your hook anywhere you want in your bait. When your Zombait fish touches the water, it immediately springs back to life with a very realistic movement of the tail and body, providing a very attractive presentation to the predatory fish that you are trying to catch.

“You’ve really got to see the videos to believe how realistic it looks,” says Varian.
Cusack explains that the device is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, and “is rugged enough to survive the harsh environment of the open ocean, and retrievable so that you can guarantee that if you can get your hook back, you can retrieve the device to use it over and over again; and the device is compact to fit in through the mouth of most common bait species.”

The team has spent nearly two years refining and improving the product while incorporating product feedback after talking to hundreds of fisherman at local fishing tournaments, as well as field testing the product with fisherman all along the East Coast.

But now, they need your support to bring Zombait to life.

They are now ready to “take the product out of the basement and onto store shelves.” To do so, they’ve launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter which will run from November 23 until January 7, 2016 . The product is available for preorder through the campaign, and the funds will be used to build the first production run of Zombait lures.

The fishermen supporters who pre-order now will be the first ones to use the Zombait lure when they are released next year. The Zombait team encourages you to check out and support their efforts by making a pledge to get these into production. To pre-order or learn more, visit