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QMaxx SALT Wipes

Fenton, MO—October 14, 2015—Corrosion…the Green Monster. It’s insidious. It’s silent. It’s expensive. And it never sleeps. Fortunately, neither does QMaxx—the family of anti-corrosion protection products.


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When it comes to protecting fishing gear, boat fittings, Jet Skis, metal hulls, motors, boat trailers, electrical wires and battery terminals, QMaxx SALT prevents saltwater corrosion on metal surfaces longer.

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QMaxx SALT Specially Formulated for Marine Applications

“We engineered all QMaxx products to protect against rust and corrosion,” says CEO David McCreery. “But because different jobs and environmental conditions create unique challenges, we developed a family of proprietary formulations.”

– BLU and Black Diamond—clean, lubricate and protect knives and firearms.

– FRESH—the multi-purpose cleaner and lubricant for fresh water protection.

– H2O—extreme lubrication and protection for chains, sprockets and gears is also a superior fogging oil for long-term storage of motors.

– ICE—displaces snow and ice in temperatures as low as -50°F/46°C

– Industrial Strength—the extreme penetrating rust solvent provides maximum protection for the toughest jobs.

– And more.

“QMaxx SALT stands up to the harshest marine conditions,” says Tony Mesa, Director of Sales. “It prevents salt creep and protects longer than other products.” In independent tests, QMaxx SALT is proven to prevent saltwater corrosion in excess of 145 hours. The competition fails in 24 hours or less.

From the Gulf coast to the Atlantic, the Intracoastal Waterway to the Keys, QMaxx SALT does more than protect against rust and corrosion:

– Helps clean surfaces of existing superficial rust and corrosion,

– Penetrates deep to loosen rust-frozen tools and parts,

– Lubricates metal parts and equipment without silicone,

– Leaves surfaces dry to the touch—won’t attract the dirt, sand and grit that cause extra wear and tear,

– Performs under the most extreme environmental conditions,

Why QMaxx is Different

Unlike other oils and lubricants, QMaxx has a specific gravity heavier than water. Water doesn’t just bead up; it’s displaced. QMaxx pushes water away from surfaces and forms a protective barrier. QMaxx products are available in multiple delivery mechanisms: aerosol, pump and trigger spray bottles, pre-treated wipes and, for the gun oils, lube pens.

Since 2010, the QMaxx Products Group has been developing patent-pending, anti-corrosion, water-displacing technology to protect metal equipment, machinery and
parts for industrial, military and consumer markets.

In Florida, contact Tony Mesa at 813-205-4968; reach corporate headquarters at 888-389-9455. Website: