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Red Eye Trolling Lures

If you’re interested in ready-to-fish solutions you owe it to yourself to check out Red Eye Trolling Lures. Whether it’s their Mahi Slayer or Mini Hoo (pictured), these prepackaged lures offer the ultimate in user-friendly fishability. The Mahi Slayer features a daisy chain of jets rigged on 12 feet of 200 lb. Ande monofilament and utilizes an 8/0 double hookset. The Mini-Hoo is rigged with 12 feet of 275 lb. multi-strand cable and features an 8/0 double hookset. All of their lure heads are manufactured with aircraft-quality stainless steel or anodized aluminum and come with trademark three-dimensional, prismatic red eyes. Red Eye Trolling Lures,