Spicy Tuna Stack

Whenever a blackfin tuna hits the deck, I tend to celebrate more than usual. These fish are some of the most delectable our waters have

Tropical Snapper Ceviche

While breaking tradition isn’t always wise, this sweet, tropical take on ceviche is the perfect summertime treat. Fresh snapper is the star of the show,

Slammin’ Snapper Sandwich

When you eat as much fish as I do, it’s in your best interest to make most dishes on the healthy side of things. However,

Oven-Baked Tilefish

To me, blueline tilefish (AKA gray tilefish) is an underrated, unsung hero in the world of seafood. While you won’t see this species on many

Spicy Smoked Dolphin

Deemed by many as the “Chicken of the Sea,” dolphinfish fillets are hard to beat. The noticeable lack of “fishiness” allows for the true, mild

Wild Shrimp and Clam Sauce

While fresh fish has been the mainstay of this department, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little bit. This wild shrimp and clam

Mahi Monday, Meet Taco Tuesday

While “Taco Tuesday” has become a weekly holiday to many, this simple, delicious dish is a crowd-pleaser on any night of the week. Delivering an

Traditional Peruvian Ceviche

While many have successfully created their own delicious renditions of this famous, refreshing dish, ceviche in its truest form comes from Peru. Simple, light and

Blue Crab Bisque

Floridians have access to the finest and freshest seafood in the country. Although they might not receive the same reverence as stone crabs, blue crabs

Beyond the Naan

Fluffy, slightly charred bread baked atop fire-heated rock has been a staple in Middle East, European, African and Asian cuisine for thousands of years. Though

Tantalizing Tentacles

Tantalizing Tentacles

Preparing octopus is intimidating for good reason. Cook it incorrectly and you might as well chew on a plastic swimbait. However, don’t be overly discouraged

The Butterfly Effect

Open season is on the horizon and it will soon be time to celebrate summer with a succulent treat plucked from the reef. Along Gulf and

Perfect Pompano

It is no secret why so many people enjoy fishing for pompano. Not only are you guaranteed a day at the beach, but if you’re

Spicy Coconut Mussels

Undoubtedly, the best mussels in the world come from Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia. At the tip of the Eastern Seaboard, the ocean climate and

Beer Battered Grouper

Fried fish dates back centuries and continues to be a preferred preparation method among fish lovers across every continent. While there are about as many

Grilled Wahoo

Some fish are granted amnesty, but wahoo are never to be released. With unmistakable iridescent stripes and pointed jaws lined with serrated teeth, these impressive

Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese

Pasta and cheese casseroles have been recorded as early as the 14th Century. However, it wasn’t until 1937 when Kraft made this delicious dish available

Every Day Fish Tacos

 On the most basic level, it is nothing more than a folded tortilla filled with fresh seafood. However, the noble fish taco is so much

Ceviche Stuffed Avocados

A traditional dish originating along the northern coast of Peru, where the Pacific Ocean has provided its bounty for millennia, ceviche is a refreshing summertime

Tuna Endive Bites

With the summer season upon us and anglers along both coasts capitalizing on the seasonal availability of fresh yellowfin tuna, there’s no better time to

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