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Monday morning found the Old Town on the roof of the Sienna. They were heading to the Banana River Lagoon. The owner wanted to do a feasibility study, paddling the 16′ canoe in the wind with a kayak paddle.


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The trip was too to the fifth power. It was too hot. The water was too high, too dirty. It was too windy. There were too many clouds. In spite of all that I caught too redfish, er, make that two, one on a Clouser minnow and the other on a black bunny leech, both on 15 foot casts. Fishing was tough.

To no one’s surprise, the canoe is hard to paddle by myself in the wind. Fishing from it is like fishing from a Rolls Royce compared to my kayaks, though.
I’m looking for a pre-owned canoe in the 12-14 foot range, if anyone knows the whereabouts of one. Would prefer Mohawk, Mad River, or Old Town.

Wednesday was the first day of autumn. I try to always fish on astronomical holidays, so picked up George Allen at 7 AM and drove to Haulover Canal. The ramp had literally tons of seagrass against it, so we went to Beacon 42. We waited for the rain to stop before launching the Mitzi. We fished for maybe 40 minutes before another deluge came. The wind was blowing, it was pouring, and George did not bring a raincoat. The boat was back on the trailer before 10 AM, with one small trout to show for our efforts.

Seven AM Friday morning I joined Chris Rosoff in his Mitzi for some Mosquito Lagoon fishing. The water at the south end is horribly dirty, although I did get an undersized snook down there on a DOA CAL Shad Tail. The lagoon should be full of finger mullet right now. Where are they?

Because the water was so high and so dirty we spent a lot of time prospecting with DOA Deadly Combos in a lot of different spots. Our catch included a pinfish and a gafftopsail catfish, and at least 20 undersized seatrout. Chris got a nice trout, about 22 inches long. Due to some mechanical problems we left earlier than we had intended to. We were still out about six hours. We never saw a redfish, not surprising considering the condition of the water.

And that is this week’s Equinox Orlando Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

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