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Remove Cured 3M™ 5200 With Debond Marine Formula™

Florida– Debond Marine Formula™ is now  available to customers worldwide.  Debond Marine Formula™ is designed to remove cured polyurethane adhesives such as 3M™ 5200, 4200 and Sika 291 without damaging the boat or the accessory.  Now, when a lifeline stanchion, thru hull, dive platform or engine bracket is obsolete or damaged and needs to be replaced, it can be removed and replaced without broken tools, missing gelcoat, broken parts, and short tempers.  Debond Marine Formula™ also removes and cleans up all silicone rubber products and most caulks, sealants, adhesives, single part overspray, and black rub marks. Marine Formula™ is not for soft plastics such as Lexan®. However, when the directions are followed, it will not damage your clear coat, gelcoat, Imron®, Awlgrip®, or Plexiglas.   


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DeBond Corporation developed and patented its award winning Debond Marine Formula™ adhesive remover.  Debond’s first customer summed it up when he stated “This Stuff Really Works”. Since then, reports of the successful use of, and requests for, Debond Marine Formula™ have materialized from across the world.  

Debond Marine Formula™’s web site,, has information on Debond Marine Formula™ including a product overview and use instructions, warnings, Material Safety Data Sheet, retailers, outlets, purchase on line page, and testimonials.   Debond Marine Formula™’s satisfied customers range from frustrated individuals to multi-million dollar manufacturers and governmental agencies, all looking to save time and money.

For more information, please contact Rob King, Vice President, office (561) 575-4200, cell (561) 818-0394, fax (561) 828-2339 or by email: